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Privacy Policy Statement Template

Privacy Policy Statement Template


1 Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets forth how your personal data collected from your participation in the Taipei University of Maritime Technology (www.tumt.edu.tw) will be processed, and does not cover any matters irrelevant to this website or apply to any persons not commissioned by us or not involved in the management of this website.

2 Collection and Use of Personal Data

To provide you with optimal interactive services, we may ask you to provide your personal data, the scope of which is as follows:

  • We may keep e-mail address, name of your department or employer, job title, your name, city, county, or district where you are domiciled, and/or the amount of time you have spent on using the service) that you provide while using the features of this website.
  • You should provide your personal data including e-mail address, name of your department or employer, job title, your name, city, county, or district where you are domiciled, and/or the amount of time you have spent on using the service. Such data will be used to confirm your identification and contact you.
  • To ensure the accuracy of our service, we will post our analysis of the data collected from on this website in the form of statistics or statements. In addition to internal research, we may publish the statistics and/or statements if we deem it necessary; provided, however, that no identifiable personal data will be published.
  • When you browse this website, our server will automatically track your activities, including your IP address, visit time, the type of your browser, your browsing of and clicking on certain information, and others. These records will be used to improve our service on this website and will be kept for internal use only. We will not disclose these records to the public.
  • We will collect, use, and use your personal data for on this website in Taiwan from now till six month.
  • Whether to provide your personal data is at your sole discretion. However, if the personal data you provided is reported or found to be insufficient to identify you, stolen from or in the name of any other person(s), or untrue, you will be deprived of rights or interest related to your participation in this website.
  • You may, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, request that we check, supplement or correct, stop collecting, processing, or using, duplicate, and/or delete your personal data collected from on this website.
  • If you ask that we stop collecting, processing, or using or delete your personal data collected in on this website, thereby causing our failure to provide the service,
  • Unless with your consent or otherwise provided by law, on this website we will not disclose your personal data to any third party or use them beyond the scope of the purpose(s) of collection.
  • If we need to disclose your personal data on an external website or webpage, we will edit the data to ensure anonymity and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

3 Protection of Personal Data

  • We have installed firewall software, anti-virus software, and other relevant and necessary website security measures in the computer hosting this website in order to properly protect your personal data. Only authorized personnel can access your personal data. All personnel who may access your personal data shall have signed a confidentiality agreement, and shall assume legal liabilities for violation of the agreement.
  • If owing to operational needs of this website, services from other institutions are required, we will ask such institutions to keep your personal data in strict confidence and will conduct necessary inspections on them to ensure their compliance.

4 This website may contain links to other websites, but they will not be subject to this Privacy Policy.

5 To ensure that we provide you with best quality service, this website may place a cookie in your browser. If you refuse to accept the cookie, you may block it by setting the privacy level in your browser to high.  However, several features of this website may be disabled because of the new setting.

6 This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act or other relevant laws and regulations, or as needed. The amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted as relevant information on this website.

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